• Brandon L. Maddox
  • Registered Pharmacist
  • Firearms Business Consultant
  • Firearms Dealer in SD & ND
  • Firearms Manufacturer

We are at my parent’s home in Apex, NC.  
Brandon, Megan, Ellie, & Lavin.

My parents came to SD to visit on 40th birthday.

Lavin and her blues eyes.

Ellie is airborne at the pool!

Megan, Lavin and Ellie before Peyton’s wedding.

My first job after pharmacy school was in Panama City Beach Florida, where I grew to love the peace of the ocean.  We rarely went to the beach growing up, so I decide to take our daughters to explore the mystery of the sea.   Our daughters really enjoyed their time at the beach…

Lucky to have two great brothers!
Tate is an ENT surgeon in VA. Peyton is a grad
student at NCSU and a project manager with a software firm in Raleigh, NC.

Brandon with his uncle Larry.